Our company’s vision, mission, values, and brand promise outline our identity in what we seek and how we want to achieve 100% client satisfaction.

To be eminent software provider that continuously delivers high quality, innovative, cost competitive I.T. business solutions for clients nationwide.
To be the catalyst of our clients’ business process enhancements by applying systematic streamlining approach and up-to-date technologies.

To bring the best out of our employees’ potential by rewarding above average compensation, fostering harmonious working environment and continuous career development trainings.

To provide the optimum value to share holders by maintaining quality customer service and continuous people development.

To fulfill our duty to our nation by becoming the enabling tool for our clients to deliver their utmost financial share responsibility.

Our Values are the basic foundation of who we are and how we work. We are in constant compliance with these six to ensure we meet our vision, mission and company goals.
Our six pillar values are: Integrity, Loyalty and Trust, Professionalism, Quality, Responsibility and Equality.
Not only being a catalyst of business process automation is Shinra’s primary mission as an IT Solutions provider but also to continuously seek more effective and efficient ways to improve the service level to its valued customers and employees.

Shinra’s dedicated Research and Development Team ensures that the client only receives the best consultation from the experts and that technology being implemented is always up-to-date.
Shinra aims to bring out the best out of its employees’ potential by fostering the best working place and by implementing a competitive reward system.

It is not enough to say that doing more fulfills “Exceeding Expectations” but rather, doing more right things to the needs of both clients and employees give the correct meaning of the brand promise.